Knowledgeable Tax Services

DB Accounting has a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of the tax laws. Allow us to leverage that knowledge on your behalf to maximize your profits and keep your business healthy. Whether it is in tax prep throughout the year, or managing your end-of-year tax returns, trust DB Accounting to do the job well.

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Personal Taxes

DB Accounting knows how hard you work for your money. Let us help you get all the returns and exemptions you deserve to get your hard-earned money back. Tax laws can be complicated and your personal situation changes every year. Let us use our professional knowledge for your benefit.

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Business & Corporate Taxes

We are happy to use our thorough understanding of business tax law to your advantage. Filing your business taxes incorrectly can have severe consequences. Have confidence that DB Accounting can get you the most favorable position and keep your business safe.

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Sales Tax Prep

DB Accounting helps our clients accurately record sales tax collected and navigate the jungle of paperwork. We can help you get set up to collect sales tax, calculate tax collected and remit it to the government. 

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Tax Audit Support

DB Accounting has lots of experience guiding clients through tax audits. You don’t need to be afraid of the process when you’re in our competent and personable hands.

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Quarterly Tax Filing

Self-employed workers need to be filing estimated tax on a quarterly basis to avoid paying hefty penalty fees. DB Accounting can help you easily and quickly handle your quarterly taxes so you can focus on making your business thrive instead of navigating tax laws.  

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